Synapses (nengolib.synapses)


Lowpass(tau) A first-order lowpass: 1/(tau*s + 1).
Alpha(tau) A second-order lowpass: 1/(tau*s + 1)**2.
DoubleExp(tau1, tau2) A second-order lowpass: 1/((tau1*s + 1)*(tau2*s + 1)).
Bandpass(freq, Q) A second-order bandpass with given frequency and width.
Highpass(tau[, order]) A differentiated lowpass of given order: (tau*s/(tau*s + 1))**order.
PadeDelay(theta, order[, p]) A finite-order approximation of a pure time-delay.
LegendreDelay(theta, order) PadeDelay(theta, order) realizing the shifted Legendre basis.


DiscreteDelay(steps) A discrete (pure) time-delay: z**-steps.
BoxFilter(width[, normalized]) A discrete box-filter with a given width, and optionally unit area.


ss2sim(sys, synapse, dt) Maps a linear system onto a synapse in state-space form.
pade_delay_error(theta_times_freq, order[, p]) Computes the approximation error in PadeDelay().


HeteroSynapse(systems[, dt, elementwise, method]) Callable class for applying different synapses to an input vector.